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harry potter spin-off tv series meme (003/?)

the witches of camden town | no one ever said magic made being a twenty-something any easier. there’s still bills to pay, relationships to fuck up, calls from parents to ignore, the concept of what you’re generally doing with your life to figure out. the residents of 28a hawley crescent know a lot about that last one. for cho (fan), it’s commiting to a relationship after years of running from the pain that she intimately knows comes with it. for lavender (olsen), it’s learning to trust her art rather than the dream of a fairytale prince to pay for wolfsbane every month. for parvati (pinto), it’s finding the courage to quit a soul-destroying ministry job and pursue an impossible dream she’s carried since childhood.

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I just got an email from my employer that made me so angry that I can’t grade anymore tonight because all of my students will get 68% on everything.

Every so often a student spends an hour not answering a question, and I always wonder what brought that about. (They got the questions in advance, there were no suprises, and the student basically blathered about his feels for the whole answer and it was so sad. Not because his feels were sad, but because why even go to that much effort, hon. You could have spent that hour in the sunshine.)




jenarts: ”Hey Scully, wanna break into the dean’s office?”

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I never knew how much I wanted this until now. :’)

I have a lot of feels about Orphan Black. Who knew?

QuestionSome humans feel a deep desire to save the damned, to find the forsaken, or to forgive the unforgiveable, and often fiction is the only realm in which people allow themselves to do it. Answer


Compelling argument. 

And I want to say to all people following this conversation that I apologize for my lack of empathy in the original post. I really didn’t think there would be much Alison support out there, but I was clearly stuck in my own head.

Also, I think this is a pleasant debate and don’t consider my opinion to be any more valid than yours. 

That awkward moment when exactly five people read your tumblr and you don’t think you’re starting something. /o\ I’m sorry.

I read your post here about your reasons for not liking Alison. I haven’t seen Breaking Bad so I can’t really make a comparison.

**SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2 FIRST EPISODE HERE ALSO SEASON 1 IMPORTANT STUFF TOO NOW THAT I AM LOOKING AT IT SERIOUSLY SKIP THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SHOW IT’S WORTH GETTING THE REVEAL AS IT’S REVEALED** I’m not sure if you’ve seen the premier of the new season yet, but I get the distinct impression from it that Alison’s actions are going to be punished. It’s not going to be let go. She’s going to be haunted way more than our tragic hero MacBeth. I’m a little bit worried about how much it looks like the narrative is going to punish Alison because this is the same show with male characters who have deeply and continuously betrayed their most intimate partners for reasons that are never made clear. Paul drove Beth to actual suicide with his betrayal, and I don’t think he’s ever going to be really confronted with that. Instead he gets to be with a woman he clearly finds more engaging and worth fighting for who just so happens to look exactly like Beth. (But, I mean really, it’s a show about these awesome women and their very different personalities, so of course the narrative is going to focus on Alison’s story far more than Paul’s, but I hope you see my point.) 

[Now it just occurred to me that I don’t know if you’re referring to Alison’s standing by while Ainsley died, or Alison’s torture of Donny. {Then I went back and reread and I see you’re referring to Ainsley.} I think in either case it’s interesting that we have all sorts of narratives of “man will do literally anything to save or avenge his family” to the point where I don’t think I could even begin to list the movies or t.v. shows or video games or comics I’ve read with pretty much that exact plot. It seems to be seen as generally pretty heroic. Alison, though, is a soccer mom, and her quest to do literally anything to protect her family from an actual organization that will go so far as this one did is a logical extension of a pretty extreme narrative. The last time I saw a soccer mom allowed to do anything to protect her family was Ginger Snaps. It was also made in Canada.] 

I love Alison because she is Alison, who is brittle but will not break. I love her because she seems to be the only person in the main narrative who cares about Beth’s death. It’s not even clear to me if Art cares about Beth’s death. Paul certainly doesn’t seem to at all. But Alison does. It’s a show full of people who aren’t really “good”: Cosima is wonderful (I love her) but is very convinced of her own intelligence and her ability to use it to get out of anything, unlike everyone else who is clearly just not smart enough. Sara (I love her) is street smart and a grifter who will become a better person in spite of herself and do anything to save her daughter, but still stole Beth’s life for the money. I love this show because there are so many different female characters who get to be differently-awesome and differently-terrible and that’s far too rare.